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Professional slots players constantly evaluate their game and the game of their opponents. The best software for this is Slots Tracker. The slots tracker will record every hand of slots you play online and will organize it into a clean and convenient database to show you exactly how you play and, more importantly, how your opponents play. If the professionals use it, you should too. So, how does it work?

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Online slots rooms will automatically store a detailed hand history on your hard drive for each hand you play. Slots Tracker then imports these hand histories into the database and allows you to generate statistics about yourself to eliminate leaks in your game. It will also allow you to profile your opponents and find and exploit weaknesses in your game. Slots Tracker is also a great recording tool. He will tell you how many hands you played, how many you won or lost, how many hours you played, how much you earned per hour and many other things. The most important aspect of the software is statistical information.

Slots Tracker

Slots Tracker will allow you to see how loose or hard you are and how aggressively or passively you are playing. It will also give you this information for all your opponents. In some cases, you begin to weaken with your starting hands and start playing too many hands. This is a common slots site problem that is often overlooked. Slots Tracker will catch you immediately. You can also see the frequency with which you check-raise, win in the showdown, go to the showdown and other statistics.


The software will also allow you to see the performance of each initial hand different from AA up to 72o. You can also sort by position to see where you earn and where you lose money. Trimming lost hands is one of the most profitable things you can do as an online slots player. Without any tracking software, it is impossible to know which hands give you money in what position and which hands are worth it. You usually remember your big winners and your big losers. These are the hands that make or undo a professional slots player. Make sure there are no holes in your agen slots game.

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